Just a little spirit poem

inspired by Denise Krebs on today’s Ethical ELA Open Write, after teacher-poet Stacey L. Joy. Stacey’s original simile poem centered on the word love. Denise’s, on the word alcohol.

Mine, on the word spirit.

Perhaps you know someone with this kind of everlasting joie de vivre…

Your spirit is bright
radiating like a summer campfire
popping, sparking, illuminating the night
Exhilarating spirit infused with silver starlight
Effervescent spirit of a child’s Christmas morning delight
Freewheeling spirit like an eagle in flight
An encompassing kind of spirit.

King’s Highway, Kissimmee. R9 Studios FL. CC BY

6 thoughts on “Just a little spirit poem

  1. Oh my, your poem is beautiful! I especially love “radiating like a summer campfire popping, sparking, illuminating the night.” My best friend, Julie has this kind of joy of life spirit. I also think you have this kind of spirit, too. I know I’ve never met you in person, but based on what I do know of you I feel you have an aura of light around you as my friend, Julie does.

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    • Thank you, Gail, for your generous words. My friend that I wrote about here was gregarious, radiating life and joy, very free with giving away his heart. I am not like that in person – but I find that bright freedom when I write.


  2. Your poem is so full of bright, happy energy…I think that’s what I miss the most about this pandemic, the ability to be in the physical presence of people who radiate this joy and positive energy. As an empathic introvert (those terms seem at odds, don’t they?), I paradoxically rely on energetic extroverts to pull me out of my shell and keep me going, so to speak. And now that I write that, I feel a bit vampire-like…

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    • I just had a conversation yesterday about being an introvert with a fellow introvert. I think – for me, anyway – the need to hear and understand my own thoughts and keeping a buffer to conserve energy is just necessary for daily life. I was only ever extroverted in a long-ago short stint in my youth, when I was drawn by and performing in theater; but that was quite a brief period…this poem was written in memory of a dear friend who passed away, who “lived and loved big,” as his wife said. He was a tender-hearted, gregarious, gracious, hilarious person. He was all about experiencing life and making experiences for others…and helping others. A life so well-lived and brief; we are the same age. His loss is great. The world – and we introverts – do need more joy-radiators like him.

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