The sighting

In my various morning readings
I encountered plagues
divine deliverance
fulfilled prophecy
and wounded trees
weeping until their blood-sap
into fragrant resin
ancient gift of kings

and in one passage, this line:
It is almost too beautiful to believe

my mind is replaying
all these things
when I catch sight of you there
perched on a wire
against the eggshell sky
an owl! No,
not in daylight
—a hawk
ancient bird of kings
winter sun glinting
on your snow-banded wings

—almost too beautiful to believe
my heart sings

3046 Red-Shouldered Hawk. Ashala Tylor Images. CC BY-NC 2.0

My hawk looked like this one. Stunning.

Hawks have a number of symbolic meanings, such as associations with Egypt, pharaohs, divine power, and salvation from slavery…I’d just been reading about these in Exodus.
I’d also been reading of the Magi.

Hawks, birds of keen vision, are also said to represent the ability to see meaning in ordinary experiences
—if one is willing to become more observant.

4 thoughts on “The sighting

  1. I love your bird poems lately – they are so touching and breathtaking. This is a beautiful picture. It makes me think of one that Ralph Fletcher posted on his Facebook page today – I’m just mesmerized by the beauty of these glorious creatures!

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    • The hawk I saw on power lines was exactly like this – so big that at first I thought it was an owl! My husband was driving us home from the store & offered to go back to get a picture but I didn’t think I could get a good one. It was so beautiful. I love Ralph Fletcher’s photos – they’re glorious.


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