Henry writes: Snow love

pressed nose
wind blows
ice floes
poem compose
heaven knows
I love snows

That is all the poetry I have time for today, Dear Readers. I am channeling all of My creative energy into willing MORE snowfall and contemplating how I might lure My People into taking Me out for a romp amid the flying flakes, whereupon I shall be nearly delirious…ecstatic, yes…I ADORE SNOW, it is sublime, exhilarating, the only Thing worthwhile in wintertime besides snuggling close to My People and essentially hibernating although I still expect My meals served ON TIME whilst I experience My own personal hygge.

Deepest thanks to you for pawsing here (oh, I am too punny today! Bahaha! The flakes have made Me giddy!) to read My light verse. But seriously, I have trifled long enough; I have snow to watch…

A hearty fair-weather fare-thee-well, Friends-
(Henry Rollins Haley)

4 thoughts on “Henry writes: Snow love

    • I am delighted to think of your students using the photo for writing! You must let me know how that goes. Henry is my oldest son’s dog. He was a rescue several years ago and is the best dog I have ever known. He has a certain dignity that I try to capture and have fun with when “he” writes. He has his own category on the blog: Henry Writes. He is full of absolute love. Thanks so much for telling me the poem made you smile!


  1. Hi Henry! I love your photo, poem, and poem. Great rhyme! I love snow, too and we haven’t received enough of it here, yet. We only have about 6 inches of snow and usually by now we have a lot more. My cats love to look out the window, but they don’t like the cold snow. Though, we did have one cat, Oreo who liked to ride on a sled or coaster around the yard. It’s 18 degrees here right now, but tonight it’s supposed to go down to -15. I hope you get to go romp and stomp in the snow soon. 🙂

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    • Dear Gail: Greetings! I am humbled by the agile Oreo – sledding! Heavens! I have enjoyed my moments in the snow, thank you, and fear that the 2 1/2″ will soon be gone, alas. Thank you for admiring my poem. I must write another soon. I shall be looking for inspiration. My best to you and fondest regards, HRH (Henry Rollins Haley)


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