2 thoughts on “The gifts of the day

  1. How precious! The picture and the words – I love how the simple verse parallels simple gifts that are often the most valuable! I notice that you have been blogging daily since the first, and I look forward to your daily posts. I set that same goal at the end of last April when I had sliced each day in March and VerseLoved each day in April and realized 61 days into a yet unestablished goal that I could blog every day for a year. This year, I’m asking my dad to be a guest blogger on some days, too. I like your message today —— gifts of the day – family and dogs top my list, too….followed by coffee and writing and a fireplace when it’s cold outside!

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    • Ah, Kim – always so incredibly perceptive – here I am on day 23 of a goal I have not officially set for myself and I dare not think past one day at a time. I’ve done as you have, rolled from the March SOLSC into Verse Love…I think I am just looking for the gifts each day brings and finding ways to capture a bit of it here. With that as a goal…I can go on indefinitely. We shall see what comes of it! That you look forward to the posts is a joy to me. Amazes me. It’s always been my first goal here to uplift in some way, to make this a small positive space. Too much else in this world is not. How lovely that your dad will be blogging some as well…I will ahve to read him! I love your poems and your stories, they all display your quick mind, your deep heart, and your bright spirit. I know your dad must be so proud of his vibrant writer-daughter – for you are a gift. Thank you ❤


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