A bit of whimsy

Who wouldn’t love a seahorse pen?
Hippocampus reigns in hand and brains!
Iridescent eyes awaiting
My planner for updating
See the daily reminder here…
You are made of magic.

This really is my seahorse pen and planner. Just sayin’.

Dedicated to my blogger-friends at SOS—Sharing Our Stories: Magic in a Blog
in light of the challenge to capture a bit of whimsy

9 thoughts on “A bit of whimsy

    • Thank you, Kim. I love seahorses and their symbolism. The SOS blog usually offers a weekly writing invitation and this is where I found “learn the unforced rhythms of grace” which I am still carrying around in my heart…you should check out the blog! It sometimes provides just the inspiration I need (like this bit of whimsy).

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  1. Fran,
    I read this straight after you published it, and it made me smile. I like what you did with the acrostic and I love the way I feel like I know you better, knowing you have a sea horse pen. And that journal? It is wonderful.

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