Micah smiles

a tritina, with love – Franna

How you make me smile,
your sweet head adorned with ribbon,
eyes glimmering with light.

Such a celestial interplay of light
across your face when you smile,
recognition just beginning to ribbon.

Gift of my life, tied with ribbon.
I’m dissolved by the light
of this angelic smile.

Your smile, a ribbon of light in my soul.

Micah, three months old

10 thoughts on “Micah smiles

    • She does look like her sister here although normally she looks so much like my son when he was little (how time does fly). That cleft in her chin – it has amazed us all – my father-in-law had one. He died when my husband was twelve so the rest of us never knew him. Yet his presence remains! DNA is utterly fascinating. I find tritinas challenging to write but it somehow seemed THE form for this photo; I had to give it a shot. Thank you, Kim!


  1. Oh utterly beautiful, Fran. She is a heart-stealer. If we all could only love everyone this way. Or at least all could be loved this way. Well, they are, but too many don’t realize it. I love your interplay of ribbon and light.

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  2. Fran, Micha is beautiful! What a precious smile and photo; I love her dimple. Her eyes seem to be dark blue. I wonder if she’ll keep those blue beauties like our first daughter did. Your beautiful tritina poem is a great tribute to your granddaughter. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this form before. It seems like a challenge, but you knock it out of the ballpark weaving simile, ribbon, and light. I love every stanza in your poem; I particularly love the way you used ribbon in these lines, “recognition just beginning to ribbon” and “Your smile, a ribbon of light in my soul.” Your last line is like icing on the cake. Your whole poem shines with love, joy, and your word, awe. It moved me so much that I almost cried.
    In my poetry binder, I have a section for different forms of poetry. Would it be all right if I included your poem with credit to you? I will put a copyright sign by your name. I’ve been taking some Zoom classes on poetry anthologies with Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardel. They say to put a copyright sign on everything you write. I think you should get this poem published, or perhaps include it in a poetry collection of your poems about your grandchildren. In fact, you have many outstanding poems on your blog that I think a bigger audience would enjoy reading and pay money to buy your books. Hope I didn’t overstep. I just love everything you write.

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    • Dear Gail – what an amazing encourager you are! I am delighted for you to put this tritina in your notebook. The form seems so simple but I find it challenging to write. Somehow it seemed right to accompany this photo. Something to do with a simple purity, perhaps. I’ve thought about writing a memoir in verse. I so appreciate you comments and have never felt any overstepping – I am just grateful!


  3. Those hands! She is precious as is her ribbon of light smile. One of my all-time favorite quotes is this one by Charles Dickens: “It is not a slight thing when they, so fresh from God, love us.”


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