Putting on awe

Funny how I ordered “awe”
and when it finally came and I put it on,
that very night
I dreamed

of finding my grandparents’ old car
the ’64 Ford Galaxie 500.
It was restored
shining, fire engine red, beautiful
and I drove it home

(of course I’d just been
writing poems about this car, so…)

but in this same dream
on the night I first wore “awe”
I left the Galaxie in the parking lot
and the light turned gray
like it does right before dawn
and I heard one lone cicada rattle
one of my favorite sounds in all the world
again connected to my grandparents
and summers at their country home
except in the dream, I knew it was January
and it is a miracle, isn’t it,
to hear a cicada in winter…

don’t ask how I ended up in the backyard
-this part of the dream is erased, alas-
but I found myself standing in the grayness,
facing the woods,
watching a bright red cardinal
feeding in the grass
maybe because I’d actually seen one doing that
earlier in the day
of course, this was Grandma’s favorite bird

-I am sensing a theme-

then, then, a little bird was flying
zigzagging overhead
so I called to it,
held out my hand,
right in my outstretched palm.
I could feel its tiny feet,
its tiny beating heart…
I spoke to it, and it flew off…
but I was not sad,
just amazed
and filled with joy

all this I dreamed,
the very I night
the awe I ordered arrived
and I put it on.

4 thoughts on “Putting on awe

  1. So much here, a dream so vivid, so connected to awe and your memories of your beloved grandparents. You brought me into your dream, Fran. Life can be so full of awe if we are aware and pay attention. Were you your current age/person? Just wondering if you saw yourself as a kid.

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    • Many thanks, Janet – in the dream I was my current age. We truly are surrounded by awe; we spend much of our lives too preoccupied to notice and savor it. The noticing makes a vast difference.


  2. To capture a dream in poetry, it feels whimsical to me…although that probably has more to do with the rhythm and the tension you created.
    PS — Your bracelet was made in a little shop just a few miles from my home.

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    • Ruth, now my bracelet seems even more significant, having come from place near your home! I wear it to remind me to look for the awe in each day – in watching, listening, expecting, in being mindful, for awe surrounds us. It’s a matter of tapping in. Of realizing a glimpse through the veils before the close again. You remind me with this comment that I’ve been wanting to write about the spirit of place for a while now. It’s still been percolating (gee, there’s a word I don’t get to use very often!).

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