Bookends of winter days

Winter mornings
dawn in gray monochrome
before the sun bursts on the scene
like a passionate artist
with its gilded palette

Driving to work
in this gray in-betweenness
I note the doves
always sitting on the power lines
like heralds
their plump bodies
of soft sandy colors
framed by the oyster sky

reminding me:
look for the peace this day
live as peacefully as possible
this day

Then, in the strange way
of life
as I drive home
weary and worn
the golden part of the day
nearly spent
what should I see
on other power lines?

big and breathtaking
still as statues
painted in shades of rust

They might remind some people
of raw bloodthirstiness
or predatory fierceness
but their beauty
fills me with such awe
that it’s all I can do
to keep my eyes on the road
driving home

as I think about how my winter days
are bookended by birds
and how there’s something
inherently sacred
and profoundly satisfying
in that.

DoveJim, the Photographer. CC BY 2.0

Red-Shouldered Hawkgoingslo. CC BY 2.0

(One of these days, when I can stop the car safely, I am going to get my own photos of my hawks…)

with thanks to Ruth at SOS-Sharing Our Stories: Magic in a Blog
for today’s inspiration to write:
“You are invited to linger in your winter memories, reach deep and pick a golden moment to share.”

14 thoughts on “Bookends of winter days

  1. Fran, I am always amazed at the common threads of our lives. I see hawks frequently – I look for them – and so do my brother and dad. We say, “Hello, Mom!” because that’s a sure sign of her presence. Not the cardinals. The hawks. They were her favorite. This piece is beautiful today! I felt the in-betweenness when I took the dogs out and then again in my closet this morning as I tried to dress for this rainy day already at 62 degrees outside where it has been freezing. I suppose there is so much to love in the transitions, but that groundhog usually gives us a little more time to start the wardrobe switchover.

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    • Although I didn’t know your mom and have only encountered her bright, zestful spirit through your words – I understand the hawk being her favorite. They’re stunning; their cries, so heart-piercing. They are overlords of the air. I find them breathtaking, not in the endearing way of other birds that I love. Once I saw a bald eagle sitting by the side of the road – so unexpected that it took a full second to register. So stunning and rare. That area is being timbered now and I am sick to my heart’s core, wondering if the eagle’s nest was in there, somewhere…anyway, know how much I treasure your words, always!


  2. Your word play brings such joy!
    bookended by birds…
    painted in shades of rust…
    the repetition of “this day”…

    I’m going to consider what book ends my days…I think it is the dark sky above my backyard.

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  3. I’m not surprised that your day is bookended by birds. Just this morning when I picked up the grand boys for the day, we spied a crow perched on the street sign at the end of their block. I loved how Robby (almost 3) gave me directions when I told him I would need help getting to Jack’s pediatrician where we picked him up after his 5 year appointment! How can he already be five?
    Sacred and satisfying! I love the solace you find in the natural world.Thanks for letting us tag along on your bookended by birds day. The poem is lovely.

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    • I do find much solace and inspiration in the natural world, Ramona – so much awe to be found in it. And in grandkids! I find it hard to believe how old yours are getting as well! Thank you-


  4. Fran, I read this yesterday and am circling back for a reread and comment. Your connection to nature allows you to find simple details to explore. Bookended by birds is a strong example. The first stanza could be a stand alone with its beautiful descriptive language. Consider using that piece to create an image poem for my Winter’s Embrace Gallery.

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  5. I enjoyed your poem about a winter day bookended with birds. The birds you see in winter are unexpected for me. The birds i see in winter are blue tits, sparrows and crows.

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