Always remember

a bit of palindrome written to a picture worth much more than a thousand words,
maybe even a thousand infinities, to me

remember how much you’re loved
my child
and child of
my child
remember how much you’re loved

My oldest son and his baby girl, Micah.
He named her. Micah means “Who is like God?”
Answer: No one, no one, no one…

But the steadfast love of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear him, and his righteousness to children’s childrenPsalm 103:17

with thanks to Two Writing Teachers for the Slice of Life Story Challenge every day in the month of March.

27 thoughts on “Always remember

  1. Oh Fran, that is the sweetest photo! I love the poem especially these words “my child/ and child/ of my child”. I love your configuration of your words; they would make a beautiful, poetic card like a keepsake. Or maybe a bookmark, or on a photo frame and you could frame the photo, or an embroidery, or a ceramic dish, pot with a plant in it… Have you ever seen glass dishes that you can write on and paint on? Your poem seems like it would be perfect on something crafty. Do you know what I mean? 🙂

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    • It is one of my favorite photos, ever – I do know what you mean about turning the poem into a keepsake. It is written as one! Something for me to ponder – thank you, Gail.


  2. I should know that I will always enjoy a rich reward when I stop by, Fran, and this poem with the image really make my day. It makes me sentimental and I think of my own sons and what the future may bring into their lives.

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  3. Fran, so much to love here! The Bible verse is perfect, the photo shows how much she has grown (she has your eyes, Franna!) and how precious she is, and your palindromic poem is a gem. Those are so challenging to write – I look at what you have done here and love how the picture, the words, the verse, the love all flows together – sweet like a confection, and full of the rich meat of life right there in one post. A full course meal, just to savor.

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    • Kim, my daughter-in-law has always said that she sees me in Micah, even thinking her profile was like mine in the ultrasound. Strong resemblance to many of my baby pictures…and her dad’s, and her uncle’s…in this photo, her eyes are very like mine. ❤


  4. This has a beautiful unfolding, as another commenter said. It reminds me of butterfly wings as well. Have you ever read George Herbert’s “Easter Wings”?…a very old poem to connect to your very young poem.

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  5. You are perfecting your poetic prowess, Fran. This one should be printed and displayed right next to the picture, on the wall of Micah’s room, forever and a day.

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