Dachshund equation

An equation poem:

1 sweater lying on the bed + 1 dachshund + 1 bad choice = I’m sorry

Visual representation:

1 sweater lying on the bed

1 dachshund

1 bad choice

I’m sorry


with thanks to Two Writing Teachers for the Slice of Life Story Challenge every day in the month of March. And to Dennis, even though he balled up my freshly de-wrinkled sweater. Rascal.

11 thoughts on “Dachshund equation

  1. What a cute rascal! Dennis probably thought you left the warm sweater for him. Great equation poem and great photos gave me a chuckle. My cats would do the same thing. They have warm blankets to snuggle in on our couch and on our living room chairs. One cat, Lovee is a queen. Tigress is a princess. I am the Queen of them. Have a great weekend!

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    • Dennis does believe everything is his for the taking. Whenever I’m folding clothes and towels from the dryer. he burrows deep in the middle of them. These little dogs crave warmth! Please give our regards to your co-regents, Lovee and Tigress.


  2. Fran, he is precious! I guess this is Dennis. His little face and his belly apology are priceless. When we had our dachshund Roxie, she tunneled herself into a tight sleeve where all we could see was the very tip of her nose. It took some doing to get her out without hurting her and the sleeve was distorted after that. What is it about dachshunds? I know they are burrowers bred to chase out badgers, but that instinct in her was pretty dominant for not ever being sent out to get any badgers lurking around in the yard. I love Dennis’s name – what a great choice. Even as puppies we know this breed will have tendencies to be menaces and that’s what makes them so much fun. Have you ever seen the movie The Ugly Dachshund with Suzanne Pleshette? It’s a top favorite of mine! I laugh every time – that movie shows exactly the spirit of the dachshund – it’s actually a Great Dane that the husband sneaks into the litter of puppies that is the “ugly” one. But what those dogs do and blame on the Dane is hilarious. Also you are brave to have a while bedspread. I would love to but don’t trust my knuckleheads to know better than to jump up on it after being outside and bringing in tbe Georgia Red Clay. That’s what color mine would be in no time.

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    • Yes, this is Dennis! He technically belongs to my musician son who named him after Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys. The name fits this little rascal – he’s full of energy, mischief, exuberance, and love. My granddaughter Scout calls him “Den-Den.” The burrowing gene in this breed is epic…we once lost our dachshund Nikolaus in the bed; we found him under the pillow, deep inside the pillowcase. I’ve gotta watch that movie – thanks for the suggestion! The white bedspread… it’s holding up ok but Dennis curls up on the shams and, well – they’re not so white. Maybe time to go…


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