When you first laughed

a pantoum for Micah, age 5 months

When you first laughed
your family stood
surrounding you
oh how sweet the sound

Your family stood
filled with awe
oh how sweet the sound
of happy forevers beginning

Filled with awe
we are your cloud of witnesses
of happy forevers beginning
on the last day of your first winter

We are your cloud of witnesses
surrounding you
on the last day of your first winter
when you first laughed

Micah, here are your first laughs, captured on video. Your mom, dad, big sister, Grandpa, and I were all there to see it. Notice that the word “Happy” is on your onesie. I hope you know, someday, how much happiness you’ve brought to all of us. This actually occurred on the last day of winter. Your first spring has begun. A whole lifetime of love, blossoming…

You are a joy, sweet Micah-roon.

Love you forever.



with thanks to Two Writing Teachers for the Slice of Life Story Challenge every day in the month of March

10 thoughts on “When you first laughed

  1. The pantoum is the perfect vehicle for this moment! I love the kismet of the onesie, the auspiciousness of the day, the whole package of being completely present for those belly laughs.

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  2. There is no more perfect way to start the day than with the laughter of a baby. She is living totally in the moment, surrounded by love. That laugh is from the belly – – I just want to pick her up and snuggle her and kiss those cheeks. The great thing is that laughter and love are contagious. Keep posting videos of all this sweetness. She’s a doll baby.

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  3. The world needs more of that chuckle. I caught a few squeaks in there too! I’m still smiling as I type this. And the fact that you could all be there to share in this moment makes it more wonderful, more wondrous. THANK you for this!

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