4 thoughts on “Osprey acrostic

  1. Beautiful tribute to a magnificent raptor! When we used to go to Cape Cod, MA, at this one beach they had a huge osprey nest where some smaller birds made nests inside holes on the outside of the osprey’s huge nest. Mama osprey wasn’t bothered at all with all these other smaller birds in her nest. Nature is always amazing.

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    • What a fascinating image you paint, the osprey nest with little nests tucked safely in its gaps – for the osprey feeds on fish. Nature IS always amazing – full of awe! Thank you as always, Gail, for the gift of your words.

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    • It was necessary! The osprey is a fish-hawk. I am a bit obsessed with hawks of late, having seen some stunningly beautiful ones a couple months back (speaking of awe). I am always looking for them. They’re fascinating, on multiple levels.

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