Last day

What can I say about the last day of school?

Most students rejoiced. Not all. Some will miss their friends. Some will not return. They said their sad goodbyes. One little boy who just got here and who knows no English asked for a translator for this very reason. Some teachers will not return. Not necessarily a bad or good thing…there’s just no need to be flummoxed by flux. I think of the ocean. A sense that tides are turning…I stayed late to help interview teachers for next year. They radiate positivity. The grass is NOT greener, they say…one lovely candidate wearing a string of pearls posed this profound question: How do you feel about the people you work with? So much begins and ends with this, does it not? With the adults in the building?

And this was the last day.

Forgive fragmented brain-play with anagrams:

At sadly
last day
lad, stay

day salt
sly data
lady sat

sadly, ta

Seems fitting for the strange pieces of this year.


Kid playing football.Wallboat. CC0 1.0.

2 thoughts on “Last day

  1. You are a master of anagrams – oh, how I wish I had your touch. This is lovely – a nod to the change of tides in schools, in education, in lives. Those currents run swift at times, drawing us to places we never planned in this adventure of life.

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    • Confession: I play with an anagram generator. I am sharing it on one of the days I’m hosting VerseLove. Your words are so true about the currents leading us to places we never expected. Thank you for your words, always-


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