A turn of turtles

My son texts to say
the girls and I
watched a turtle
laying eggs
in the yard

which I am sure
my six-year-old
backseat prophet
slash nurture scientist
loved witnessing

here’s hoping
she’ll keep the memory
for her little sister
living her first June

and that
they get to see
a turn of baby turtles
just before summer’s end

Snapping Turtle Laying Eggs Eno River Durham NC 095938-001. bobistraveling. CC BY 2.0.

“Turn” is one of the collective nouns for turtles.

8 thoughts on “A turn of turtles

  1. What fun for the nurture scientist who scouts around looking for all things fascinating! And what fun for dad to enjoy his daughter’s excitement of discovery! It’s the time of year for turtles for sure. I was excited about seeing them all along the Flint River last weekend as we kayaked, but getting to see one lay eggs would have been the icing on the cake! I’m so glad they got to have this moment.

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  2. Scout – prophet and scientist – I love that! And a turn of turtles – I had to stop to read your post. I love going to a nearby pond and watching the turtles bask in the sun. I have yet to see one laying eggs. I am certain Scout relay that memory to Micah – her first June – Wow! Isn’t it amazing how new things can be?

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    • I hope the eggs will make it, Joanne. I read that it can take up to 90 days. I will try to follow up on this. Scout’s first word was “turtle” – I savor these up-close encounters with nature she’s getting to experience.


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