Tiny warriors

Not one but two hummingbirds
visit the new feeder now
as if the first brought a friend
to a cool new place for a drink

This is not the case

It’s a competition
a quarrel, a chase
each determined

to drive the other away
each little but fierce

Methinks I will call them
Helena and Hermia

(no sign of any males;
perhaps they’re in the woods

What I’d say to these tiny warriors
if I could make them understand
is that there’s plenty to go around

but humans
(what fools we mortals be)

who should understand
have yet to learn
about living peaceably
about there always being enough

if only…

I sigh as I ponder
the solitary existence
of hummingbirds

and the mad beating
of their wings

“And though she be but little, she is fierce…”

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