The snickersnee

On the first day of the August Open Write at Ethical ELA, Gayle Sands invited participants to scroll this site,, for choosing an uncommon word to pay with in crafting a poem.

The word that caught me was snickersnee.

I’ll just let the poem speak for itself…

The Snickersnee

Woe to the olden blades
rusty, dull, disobliging—fie!
Off with thee, useless utensils
Behold the Snickersnee:

So fine a blade
slicing mine vegetables
as if they were but a dream
or merely air…
I forgetteth this
exceptional sharpness
during the washing-up
whereupon the Snickersnee
snicketh a chunk 
o’ me.
(Just a thin slice o’ thumb.
A profusion o’ blood,

Behold the snickersnee

2 thoughts on “The snickersnee

    • Oh yes, fully recovered, and without stitches. I was so disgusted by my old knives, dull and constantly trying to rust, that I pitched them all and got a much nicer set than I’ve ever owned before. It’s a lesson in being careful what you wish for…while it slices like a dream, the knife doesn’t care at all WHAT it slices! And I am glad you enjoyed reading. This was fun writing.


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