Ten months

My beautiful Micah, this is what you are like at ten months old:
noticing everything, babbling (na na na is, in fact, part of Franna)
mimicking, clapping, squealing, discovering your tongue
and crawling down the hall to see where I’ve gone
—I am right here, little beloved, rejoicing.

My beautiful Micah

4 thoughts on “Ten months

  1. I am uncertain whether the internal rhyme in one line and slant rhyme across another two are deliberate, but doesn’t this all just compose a kind of completion beyond words? You are blessed with this lovely child in your life, a capacity to cherish her, and an elegant and eloquent manner of expressing it all.

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  2. Precious and adorable! She has grown a lot. I love her soft baby hair. Pure joy! Thank you for sharing Micha’s photo, your poem, joy, and inspiration.

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