A Slice of Life tribute starring my granddaughter Micah, age 17 months.

First, a quick lesson in Micah-speak:

Hey Mama – standard greeting for anyone, female or male

Na na na na na na – a favorite song lyric

All done (usually accompanied by hand motions) – I’ve had enough

now, without further ado…

Hey Mama
Hey Mama

got my cup
can’t we get up
got no more water
betta change ya daughter


Hey Mama
Hey Mama

tired of quesadilla
tired just to be ya
do grown-ups really see ya
countin’ one-two-three-yah


Hey Mama
Hey Mama

books and toys galore
I just can’t, anymore
thinkin’ ’bout a snooze
but don’t you take my shoes

na na na na na na
na na na na na na


Girl, I am feeling it…

with thanks to Two Writing Teachers for the monthlong Slice of Life Story Challenge

and to so many fellow Slicers who kept me going
more than you ever knew

we’re all done
but only with the March challenge

not with writing
not with life

especially over here today

’cause my beautiful Micah
is coming over to play

Hey Mama
Hey Mama

we’ve only just begun


an acrostic

Her style is uniquely her own:
Everyday, all day, wear a coat.
Refuse to let it be removed.
Shoe, one of her favorite words.
Eyes full of determination—
Let’s go, people! I’ve got places to be.
Franna’s favorite fashionista.

My precious Micah, 16 months, being herself.


with thanks to Two Writing Teachers for the monthlong Slice of Life Story Challenge


Once upon a time
when baby had trouble
going to sleep
we played
soothing songs
on our phones
until she drifted off

and baby grew
(that is what babies do)
so that now
when we put baby down
to sleep
she cries for a minute
and then
she sings
and sings
to her own little self
without any words
a sound purer
than songs of birds

(know that I am outside your door
beloved baby
tears in my eyes
to your own angelic

Someone’s getting sleepy…


Here is a memory
I shall keep for you
all of my days:

when we ask
Where is your turkey?
you pat the colorful creature
adorning your shirt
while attempting to say
gobble gobble

and when our family
gathers round the table
to pray

amid the reverent cadence
of your Grampa’s words
I hear you say




—I shall keep it for you,
this memory:
Thanksgiving gold
your one-year-old
baby voice
blessing us all


Treasured moments

If I could
make time stand still
I would have made
this one bright day
last for years
just me and you
bathed in brilliant
autumn light
your beautiful pensive
baby face
fallen willow-oak leaves
stretching beneath us
like a russet rug
as you swing
in and out
of my shadow

you cannot know
(not now, anyway)
how I treasure
these moments
this day
and you

but one day you will

oh, if I could make
time stand still

One year

Looking back…

every day a wonder
every day a celebration
every day new

because of you

beatbox attempting (!!)

baby girl

one whole year
of life transformed
by exponential love
every day

on this day
praise to God on high
for the profound gift
of you

my prayer
on looking back
at every day
of this past year
is wrapped with thanksgiving
and tied with the ribbon
of utter joy
for all our days to come

looking forward

Happy first birthday, Micah. With so much love, every day – Franna

Eleven months

At eleven months
you have two bottom teeth
and one coming in at the top
—you sometimes like
scraping them together

you blow kisses
usually to
the dogs
(you do love
a dog)

you wave hi and bye
after thinking about it
for a minute

you hide your eyes to play
Where’s Micah?
There she is!

you look so like
your dad
when he was this age

and like your Franna
you’re a girl
who loves a hat

My beautiful Micah at eleven months