Blue-eyed bunny

Each day offers gifts
pure as a child’s smile, rare as
a blue-eyed bunny

Families often bring pets to school at dismissal, usually dogs happily greeting their beloved children. This is the first rabbit, a Lionhead named Benny. His pure white fur is silky-soft; I was awed by his beautiful blue, almost-human eyes. Thanks to the family for letting me take his photo.

One thought on “Blue-eyed bunny

  1. So beautiful he almost looks like a stuffie. Perfection in size and beauty like your poem. I am always on the lookout (sort of) for the gifts of the day. Not looking per se but noticing in all the small ways there are gifts for me to enjoy, wonder about, learn from and be thankful for. Every day. I hope your school year is going well. We are on a mini vacation in a perfect little rental house in Conn. I am returning to write my heart out if I can. This is a true blessing. But later today we visit the 92 year old widow of the minister who married us 52 years ago. We have stayed in close touch but she has moved to a memory unit and her daughter is afraid she will not know us. We are praying to bring her some comfort and a smile. She was ok when we saw her 6 months ago, well ok in that she knew us and could reminisce, but now that she has moved into this new spot, she may be more confused. Then we see several old friends for dinner and many more tomorrow at a memorial gathering for someone we worked with and who was an inspiration to so many. At the same time the funeral of dear old friend mainly of my husband’s is going to be live streamed so we may catch that for an hour from SC. He was a gift in our lives as we she. Last night we had a lovely dinner with a couple we know well and have not seen the wife in years, so that, too, was a blessed gift. And out the back is a river and the railroad track (small railroad, I am guessing) and nearby some waterfalls. So very lucky am I. Like a white bunny with a blue eye so lovingly held to warm our hearts, God sends us gifts all the time, we just need to pay attention. Hugs to you dear Fran.


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