4 thoughts on “Acts of faith haiku

  1. Fran, I love your poem! You were rewarded and your soul was refueled! I’m happy for you that you were there to see your hummingbird and take the photo. You probably had more come when you weren’t looking.

    This past Monday, (I was weeding weeds that I was not able to get to earlier because we had those horrible sponge caterpillars eating everything in the early spring. Then, in June I injured my joint between my pelvic bone and lower back.) I was close to the ground and monarch butterflies and bumble bees were flying above and around me. I popped up to rest my back, and I startled a hummingbird, who stopped mid-flight! He looked at my asters, me and flew away. I called after it, “Come back, ruby throat. I have morning glory flowers just across the driveway.”

    Since I live in upstate NY, I think you will probably see more hummers as they migrate south. Thank you for your poem, photo, and inspiration. I hope your new school year is going well.

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