Of angels and stairways

with thanks to Carolina Lopez for the Open Write prompt on Ethical ELA today

I’ve Been Writing This Since

I’ve been writing this since
I looked into the wide vent-grates
of the upper room floor
of my grandparents’ apartment, 
sure that I saw angels
in the depths

in the same way 
that I saw stairsteps to Heaven
in the light fixtures
of the doctor’s office ceiling
when I was a sick child.

Yeah, well.

I am still here
when those I loved
are long gone
yet cheering me on
from the other side of portals
I cannot see

perhaps they are looking
through vent-grates
and light-fixture stairways
at me.

Lighting & grate. Photos by Portland_MikeCC BY-ND 2.0.

2 thoughts on “Of angels and stairways

  1. I feel this one so deeply. There are times I feel a physical, visceral presence of those I have loved and lost, a gravitational pull. And…other times…nothing, just the wondering of where they might be, or the wondering of IF, at all, they might be…

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    • I sometimes wonder if I was a strange child with these imaginings in grates and light fixtures…stranger still that the memory remains, perhaps. But oh, yes – that presence, the “gravitational pull’ – I know it well. The wonderings are so natural…I’m always awed by the depth of your response, that we are so often on the same wavelength. As a writer, or poet, especially, you’re never quite sure the meaning in one’s head or heart will come through as intended – seems a near-magical thing when it does, or when the reader finds even more. Thank you yet again ❤


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