Autumn glory

This morning
was glorious

the strange autumn slant of light
catching the red-gold-orange flames
of trees, reaching their limbs
up to a brooding gray sky
meeting still-green fields
at the horizon

such a study in color
that I, mere mortal observer,
lost myself in the awe
of indescribable beauty

I could have lived
a thousand years
and not lost my breath
as I did this morning

at how such a beautiful world
can be so broken

Autumn Landscape. blmiers2CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

3 thoughts on “Autumn glory

  1. I hear you on your ending. I often wonder the same thing. Then, I have to remember that we are lucky to have these beautiful treasures to visit, awash us in nature’s beauty taking away the ugly. Your whole poem moved me, and your second stanza’s imagery made me see in my mind the beauty and the glory before I saw the photo. Thank you for sharing your gift and inspiration. I was wondering if I could copy your poem to use as a mentor poem for my notebook. I would put a copyright sign by your name on it.

    Unfortunately, I have been sick with a bad sinus infection for about three weeks in this warm autumn. However, I am on the mend and my husband, Craig and I are going to hike a mountain this weekend. Our leaves are almost all gone, but it will be beautiful anyway. Nature, children, and 72% organic dark chocolate always raise my spirits. Keep stopping for nature soaking it in to bring with you. I think I have to remember that line for a poem. Oh, I should also tell you that reading your blog and reading some other blogs always lift me up, too. Thank you, my friend.

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    • I am happy the blog lifts your spirits, Gail – when I started it, that’s exactly what I hope it would do, as there’s too much negativity in the world already. I hope by now you are feeling better. Yes you may use the poem in your nb as a mentor text. Makes my heart glad that you want to. Thank you for YOUR heart and words!


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