One year

Looking back…

every day a wonder
every day a celebration
every day new

because of you

beatbox attempting (!!)

baby girl

one whole year
of life transformed
by exponential love
every day

on this day
praise to God on high
for the profound gift
of you

my prayer
on looking back
at every day
of this past year
is wrapped with thanksgiving
and tied with the ribbon
of utter joy
for all our days to come

looking forward

Happy first birthday, Micah. With so much love, every day – Franna

3 thoughts on “One year

  1. Happy Birthday, precious Micah. Her big brown eyes look like my Stella’s. She will be two soon and is already talking in complete sentences. And! I have another baby girl coming at Christmas. Exponential Love! You express this love-joy with eloquence.

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    • Another new granddaughter coming at Christmas- how wonderful, Margaret! I so enjoy celebrating the utter joy of grandchildren with you, friend. Thank you for Micah’s bd wishes. Time goes by SO fast.


  2. Fran, a heartfelt loving tribute to your granddaughter and your relationship. Oh my, she is so precious in that pumpkin dress! I love her expression and her expressive big eyes! I love your poem, but there’s something about these lines that really spoke to me
    music-loving” and

    “is wrapped with thanksgiving
    and tied with the ribbon
    of utter joy.”

    Thank you for sharing your joy and inspiration.

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