a triolet

with thanks to the heron

Every morning, at the corner of the pond
when I see the huddled heron
it calls my hunkered heart to respond.
Every morning, at the corner of the pond
with a wave of nature’s reflective wand
my muddled spirit is less bleak, less barren…
every morning, at the corner of the pond
when I see the huddled heron.

Grey Heron. PapaPiperCC BY-ND 2.0.

A heron is, in short, a symbol that all shall be well

2 thoughts on “Heron

  1. When my parents lived on a lake, a great blue heron would come every morning. I’ve taken many photos of that heron and my father did a drawing of it that I now own. On the bayou I see herons more often in winter. I can hear them squawk at night. This is a lovely triolet that captures your daily experience of the heron. Thanks for the inspiration this morning.

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  2. I look for my heron every morning on the way to work and have been awed to find it even now, in December, at the same corner of the pond, huddled exactly like the one in the photo. Once a pair of them flew across the road as I drove by… pure awe. I know that drawing of your dad’s is a treasure beyond measure. I can imagine the sense of peace it imparts. Heron symbolism is meaningful but nothing compares to the sight of one, and how it buoys the spirit (often when most needed). I can imagine your dad’s desire to capture it. Thank you for your words… this is only the second triolet I’ve ever attempted; I find the form challenging but appealing, with its musicality.


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