an acrostic

Her style is uniquely her own:
Everyday, all day, wear a coat.
Refuse to let it be removed.
Shoe, one of her favorite words.
Eyes full of determination—
Let’s go, people! I’ve got places to be.
Franna’s favorite fashionista.

My precious Micah, 16 months, being herself.


with thanks to Two Writing Teachers for the monthlong Slice of Life Story Challenge

10 thoughts on “Herself

  1. Acrostics are not an easy form to craft, but you did it perfectly! Oh, and that gorgeous picture to go with it!! Thank you for your Slice


  2. Fran, she is so adorable, and I see so much of you in her sweet little face. You are lookalikes! Your mini-me! The handle on the door – – that is perfect, and the herself of today I hope always stays – – the fashion, the confidence, the communication with the eyes, the wanting to explore life beyond the door and get out and enjoy nature and go places and do things and see people. She is definitely full of spunk in a HERSELF kind of unique way – the eyes punctuate what the body language says. Presh!


  3. Oh what fun! No wonder she is your favourite fashionista! If only adults could carry off an outfit like that with such style. My daughter sometimes says she would like a pair of her son’s baby overalls in adult size! She is definitely full of determination and ready to go.


  4. Awww, that determination! I’ve been talking about children’s need for control lately. I think as adults, we sometimes forget just how frustrating it is to be a child, when so much of your life is controlled by others–the temperature of the room, when you wake up/ go to sleep, what food is served and when to eat, the ambient noise and lighting–all the things adults get to control for their own comfort. She’s taken control of her wardrobe!

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