A poem of friendship

Through clouds of gray will softly shine

a gentle silver tear of mine,

leaving lines to slowly trace

an empty soul, a lonely place.

A golden glow you gave to me

to help me through eternity –

light and warmth with which I try

your own sweet rains to somehow dry.

And we two have learned to see

the me in you, the you in me.

A golden ray through a silver drop

create such colors; they cannot stop.

What blazing brilliance we have sown,

this iridescence of our own!

Combine our souls and we will show

our strength lies in our rainbow.

-Written when I was fourteen. The UK’s National Poetry Day brought this early effort back to mind.

Reflect:  What metaphor captures the beauty and power of your dearest friendship? 


3 thoughts on “A poem of friendship

  1. Hmmm…what metaphor captures a dear friendship?

    I suppose it depends on the friend. And the day. And my mindset.

    I actually have my students (in an ordinary year) craft a poem about one of their favorite things in nature, but they title it with the name of someone important to them, and think of that person as they write. Some pretty AMAZING stuff comes out of their minds and hearts!

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    • That activity sounds awesome, Lainie – testimony to the immense power of personally meaningful writing. Kids astonish when we give them freedom to do so. That old rainbow poem of mine, written when I was only a teenager … when originally written, it had the name of my friend in the title … just so you know …

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