Keep it alive

It is the place

where ideas are born

some as ghosts

some fully formed

It is the place

where voices echo, echo

real or imagined

they ebb and they flow

It is a place of seeing

yet layered in veils

lift them one by one

as mystery entails

It is a place of sensing

both self and Other

alive within, without

β€”feel the shiver, the shudder

It was striving to be

long before we had words

for we are knitted of story

given voice, to be heard

So nurture it well

let it breathe, let it grow

keep the magic alive, for

you’re meant to write it,

you know.

36 thoughts on “Keep it alive

    • I didn’t even think of it like that (diminishing self) but now that you mention it – yeah, that IS powerful. There’s just so much more Other – a whole universe of it. Thank you so much.


      • I can’t believe how many people say this is their favorite line — although it’s one of my favorites, too. We ARE knitted of story – it’s what links us all, Thanks so much for your response.


    • Doubling up on echo was one of my last decisions before letting the poem go – echo is echoing echo. Delighted that it reverberates to you, where you are … I am very grateful for your responses to my poetry. Funny thing is that I have never really considered myself a poet. Yet this is how the ideas and words are coming to me – I’m doing my best just to catch it (or unveil it) & put it out there – a bit out of my comfort zone, but that’s how we grow. Joy to you!


  1. “for we are knitted of story

    given voice, to be heard”
    This line speaks volumes of truth that I wish everyone believed! (Well the whole poem does). Another beautiful poem that begs to be read again and again! Thanks for sharing!


    • I am amazed at the people who’ve picked out that “knitted of story” line as one that resonates! Perhaps because it’s true -? And I thank you always, Dawn, for being the encouraging wordsmith you always are. πŸ™‚


  2. Your words are inspirational. I was moved with these words: β€œSo nurture it well let it breathe, let it grow keep the magic alive, for you’re meant to write it, you know.”
    They could be a mantra for our March challenge.
    Thank you for these wonderful words


    • Although I started out thinking of the place the “magic” comes from, as I wrote began to hope fellow writers (and everyone) would identify and maybe keep pressing on when the writing feels “no good” or “not worth it” because OH YES IT IS – keep it alive! Thank you, Christine, for letting me know this. πŸ™‚

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  3. Beautiful! One of my favorite lines is β€œIt is a place of seeing
    yet layered in veils
    lift them one by one.” Lifting veils is such a gentle image. It reminds us to be gentle with ourselves and not try to beat the stories out.


    • When I was writing the poem, I thought, the meaning of whatever we are working on is already there; we just have to uncover it. This is a delicate process that takes time – more of an unfurling or unwrapping than chiseling, etc. I even had the fleeting thought of a bride – kind of reaching a long-awaited moment, the revealing, etc. You so captured the intent of the veil image; I rejoice over your words! Thank you, Rita πŸ™‚

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  4. “for we are knitted of story

    given voice, to be heard

    So nurture it well”

    What a raw truth about the value of our ideas and our voice. You capture the beauty of what we each have to offer the world and ourselves. Individually and collectively. I will ponder these words. Thank you, Fran.


  5. A place of seeing, veils lifted one by one- love the image here The picture is perfect I felt like it should be the picture on the first page of the book I hope you someday write..And, this poem could accompany it.


  6. Your poem comes at such a great time for me – I need the encouragement your poem conveys -“to press on, to keep the writing alive” (quoted from one of your replies). And you give us ideas where to find these ideas. Thank you.

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    • I think one of the greatest things about this Slice Challenge is the amazing support we all give one another. I am delighted to know you found encouragement in something I wrote. As for ideas … I tell the kids at school that writing is the closest thing to magic. You’ve more magic in you than you know. πŸ™‚


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