It is dark, I cannot see.

—Wait a bit, there will be


I  don’t see You, but I’ll trust.

—I made your eyes, they will adjust;

I gave you sight.

So much I see, that should not be.

Be still and leave this all to Me;

it will be right.

 I fear most to see inside of me.

Fear not. Even there I’ll be

to drive away your night.

No darkness is too great for Me.

This I know. It sets me free.

Toward Your light my soul

takes flight.

26 thoughts on “Holy

  1. What wonder you’ve wrought with these words and the image you shared. My favorite lines are ones that I need to adopt as a daily prayer (especially now).
    “So much I see, that should not be.
    —Be still and leave this all to Me;
    it will be right.”

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    • Thank you, Ramona – there’s a heavy truth in that first line, but I thought of Psalm 46:10 (“Be still..”)
      and know that I have to keep trusting & believing. How lovely to think of it as a prayer!


  2. Wow! What a great poem for the lenten season, which invites reflection “Even there I’ll be to drive away your night…” filled with hope and encouragement, lovely!
    BTW I am already picturing you at church tomorrow in your green dress!

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    • I hadn’t even thought of this as a Lenten poem, even though this is clearly the season of Lent. So interesting… yes, dress & shamrock scarf (& St. Patrick post!) are all good to go! 😊


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