Tiny trio

Omne trium perfectum: “Everything that comes in threes is perfect”

Little bird up in a tree

Looked down and sang a song to me.

—”Little Bird,” Dennis Wilson, Stephen Kalinich, Brian Wilson

The house finch nesting in the wreath on our front door is incubating three lovely blue eggs.

My son (Cadillac Man) and I are walking, doing laps in the churchyard on a sunny afternoon, talking about names for baby birds (see what happens when new life generates in your realm; if you’re human, you take nonsensical ownership).

“It’s too obvious, but I almost can’t resist calling them Atticus, Jem, and Scout,” I chuckle. “I mean, they’re FINCHES.”

“Yeah, you’re right—it’s too obvious,” says Cadillac Man.

I think I hear a small sigh.

“Hmm. Well, there’s Harry, Hermione, and Ron . . . ” I offer.

Cadillac Man’s face remains immobile. I can’t see his eyes behind his sunglasses. He says nothing.

I can see that literary names are a no go, which is a shame, with “the rule of three” and all that. Cadillac Man does not think from a repository of words and phrases gleaned over time from books like I do. He thinks in music. He always has.

We walk a little way in silence; we’re keeping a pretty good pace. Then Cadillac Man proceeds to tell me new things he’s learning in his continuous (borderline obsessive) research on his musical passion, the Beach Boys: “Dennis didn’t get credit for how much musical talent he really had . . . .”

—I have an inspiration. Cadillac Man will love this. When he pauses, I say:

“We can name the baby birds after the Wilsons. Since’s there’s three of them.”

He grins. “Well, these little birds are singers.”

Brian is due to hatch next Sunday. Dennis and Carl should follow on Monday and Tuesday.

Even if they’re female, it will be fun, fun, fun . . . .

24 thoughts on “Tiny trio

  1. Such an engaging conversation! I hope they all hatch successfully. I think your suggestions are great, but good to go with the flow. I used to love the Beach Boys too, can’t believe young people are still passionate about them, they are so old now!

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    • We saw Brian Wilson and Al Jardine in a Pet Sounds concert last fall – I noted how many young people were there. The show was amazing! It’s timeless music and my son (age 21) loved every minute. He identifies so deeply with Brian. Thanks for good wishes for our little bird trio – stay tuned!


  2. The Beach Boys are in my music memory post as well! You’ve woven so much into this slice: nature observations, time with your son, and insight into his life and learning. One for the scrapbook!

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    • Thank you – it’s such a hopeful sign to me, altogether, the cycle of life going on, the return of spring. Couldn’t keep myself from thinking about threes – such a literary device!


  3. Delightful post! It was satisfying to know that the Finches are not nameless. Love the sentiment of this line: “I can see that literary names are a no go, which is a shame, with “the rule of three” and all that.”

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  4. Oh my the names are perfect! As I was reading along I originally thought what’s wrong with Harry, Hermione and Ron? But the Brian, Carl, and Dennis are perfect. I can’t wait to read about when they hatch.

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  5. So much fun to read! Love your allusion to the Beach Boys music at the end and your juxtaposition of literary and musical name between you and your son.. So true that as humans we love to name things and somehow make them our own,


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