broken moments

broken things

broken heart

yet it sings

broken flight

broken wings

broken fall

still it stings

feathers here

feathers there

feathers falling


who’s at fault

I can’t say

we’re all broken

in some way

fallen is forever

broken is for now

people aren’t angels


glue for mending

desire to start

wells within

the broken heart

in breaking through

not breaking worse

from broken pieces

comes broken curse.

Photo: Forgive Me. eddie dangerous. CC BY

9 thoughts on “Broken

    • “Sad and hopeful” is exactly how I see the human condition. Hadn’t thought that the rhythm was like the heart, but how fitting, Margaret. I am still revising the last lines where arrhythmia occurred – writing with such spareness of words is a challenge.

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  1. I really like the repetition in your poem and some of the biblical illusions like “fallen is forever” and “people aren’t angels”. Very meaningful and thought-provoking lines that feel really human and redemptive.

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  2. “from broken pieces/ comes broken curse” jarred me, but in a good way; “broken” and “curse” are both negative images, but like multiplication, become a positive when juxtaposed. The same with “broken fall”. You’ve captured the imperfect strivings of human frailty–and found the perfect image to illustrate your poem, to boot!

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