Little girl blowing bubbles

Ever wish you could keep a small child safe and innocent forever? It’s a wish as ethereal as bubbles in the wind, drifting away like childhood itself. I took this photo last summer. It’s taken this long to figure out how to convey what I felt.

Little girl

blowing bubbles

in the sun

free of troubles

How they drift

on the breeze

turning, turning

as they please

Colors shimmer

ever bright

just a moment

in the light

Wave your wand

my temporary


bubble fairy

All too soon

time shall pass

bubbles pop

in the grass

How I wish

things could stay

idyllic as

this summer day.

10 thoughts on “Little girl blowing bubbles

  1. I love the rhyme and rhythm of this poem! My favorite: “Wave your wand/ my temporary/ iridescent/ bubble fairy”. In a way, the moment is eternal, captured in your words. Have you thought of compiling the pieces you write about your granddaughter, along with accompanying pictures, in a book for her? It would make a lovely graduation, wedding, or baby shower gift down the road.

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    • Those lines were the hardest to write, Chris! I had to read the whole thing aloud several times to convince myself they “worked.” You are a treasure trove of ideas. I think I will do just that, make a compilation just for her. Thank you.

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  2. I had a little plastic vile of bubbles from a Valentine’s Day goodie and blew them for my grandson at the restaurant. He was mesmerized and entertained. I love the magic of bubbles that you captured in your poem.

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  3. Isn’t that the truth? It reminds me of my analogy that sometimes we would like to take a memory and put in a snow globe. We wouldn’t necessarily shake the globe. We’re just preserving the moment. Ethereal is the perfect way to describe this piece of prose.

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  4. my temporary


    bubble fairy

    ^^Thank you for this absolutely beautiful language. I’m going to carry this phrase around with me for a while. And the metaphor of the bubbles is so very true.

    Thanks for (another!) wonderful slice. =)

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