The baby dragon

I am not sure what inspired me to write this poem as a teenager. Likely it was born from a love of fantasy and mythology. Perhaps I was just playing with rhyme. Maybe I was feeling silly. Or all of the above. The only thing I’ve changed from the original is some punctuation.

Nevertheless, consider yourself forewarned, should a baby dragon drop in to visit YOU

Once, a baby dragon

dropped in to visit me.

He flew right through my window

(he’s not too bright, you see).

He was quite a charming fellow

with enormous, greenish scales,

quite polite, this dragonlet,

who came to hear my tales.

I told him one of Pegasus,

the horse with wings of gold.

I told him one of Camelot,

of days when men were bold.

The dragonlet, he loved these tales!

He begged and begged for more;

once he laughed so very hard

he burned down my front door.

I told him of the Lion King

who secretly had sworn

not to tell the whereabouts

of the only Unicorn.

When morning’s light awoke me,

the dragonlet had gone.

The only trace I found of him

was on my neighbor’s lawn.

Photo: Baby dragon. Derek Hatfield. CC BY

20 thoughts on “The baby dragon

    • I have, actually, once or twice – for purpose of writing (to entertain) and what a writer wants to elicit in a reader (laughter). Also that poems can be about anything, and inference… even young children “get” what the baby dragon did on the neighbor’s lawn!! Thanks, Jessica 😊


  1. Oh so delightful, I love this poem, no wonder baby dragon enjoyed your stories! Fancy writing this when you were only fifteen (and even more amazingly, still having it!) Normally I don’t like dragons and fantasy much, but your baby dragon is just too cute!

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  2. This poem is simply delightful, elegant in its own right! It appears your talent is ingrained in you and has been for a long time. I love the imaginative play and the genuineness of the author’s voice. You did well on this! Thank you for sharing :o).

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    • Thanks, Kelsey; I am delighted that you enjoyed this. I just remembered the baby dragon recently and decided why hold onto these things, why not share, and what better time & place than the SOLSC? Never expected my baby dragon to be so loved 😢. And, to be referred to as “a beautiful writer” – there is no compliment higher to me. I am so grateful for all your words of support.

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  3. Your talent for writing started young! I’m not sure I’ve heard the term “dragonlet”, but it certainly makes a fearsome creature altogether cute. Now I really have to drag out those old journals of mine and take a peek…


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