Public scare

public scare

shelves are bare


germ warfare

must beware

tempers flare

sad affair

be aware

none to spare

it’s unfair

selfless share

would be rare

do we dare

do we care

nothing there

say your prayer

23 thoughts on “Public scare

  1. This hits home. We found the same reality yesterday in store after store, and we’ve had no reported cases of coronavirus here in Idaho.
    “Selfless share
    Would be rare “
    Makes me wonder if my neighbors w/ their huge storage rooms filled w/ food, non perishables, and who knows what else (it’s a religious thing) would share w/ us.


  2. It’s almost akin to what I call -the French Toast panic- of eggs, bread, milk and other essentials when a weatherperson forecasts a major storm. The quick short lines make this a fun write even as it also adds to urgency of the moment.Well done.

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    • I wondered if anyone would interpret “nothing there, say your prayer” not as the bare shelves but as the uncaring hearts of people who do things like fight over toilet paper …


  3. I love the way the “nothing there” line is just ambiguous enough to make me wonder if you’re still talking about the shelves, or about our own sense of humanity and decency.

    Love this post, and it connects so strongly with what so many of us are feeling. Thank you.

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  4. Here’s some levity to go along with your bare shelves: one of my library volunteer moms (an engineer by schooling) said that at one store, the liquid soap shelves were bare…but the bars of soap sat untouched. Many of them even stated “antibacterial” on their wrappers. She just had to chuckle. Soap is soap, folks! Meanwhile, our statewide library conference in Houston has been cancelled; sigh.

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  5. The terse lines combined with the repetitive rhyme gives this poem a sense of inevitable forward motion that really matches the panic around us right now. So many lines lend themselves to multiple interpretations, but I especially like these, “none to spare/ it’s unfair/ selfless share/ would be rare”

    Fingers crossed people move towards societal rather than individual responses soon.

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    • With poetry — one or two lines materialize in my head and then it’s usually not too hard. A couple of poems took me months to hammer out. But as a general rule – they’re easier than the others because of the “beats” I hear. I can sometimes hum the beat and words will come. And – thank you for your amazing words. They mean so much to me.


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