April fool

Just some fleeting impressions while sweeping my porch … the beauty of the day in such stark contrast to what’s happening in the world …

While sweeping the porch this April day

there’s children at distant play

laughing, falling

voices calling

lawnmowers mowing

cool breeze blowing

flowers quivering

trees shivering

sun shining

life divining.

Joyous birdsong

like nothing’s wrong

as if only rebirth

sweeps the Earth

not humanity hurled


A spring reception

of such deception.

Beautiful day, you’re almost cruel

playing such an April fool.

If you were here with me you could see these pansies quivering despite the brightness of the morning. The name of this colorful, dark-eyed flower comes from French penser, “to think.” Pansies symbolize contemplation and remembrance.

14 thoughts on “April fool

  1. When I walk around my own back yard, I’m sometimes filled with an awareness that the natural world is continuing to turn as the world of humanity as screeched to a halt in so many places. Thank you for this wonderful poem.

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    • It’s perhaps not as hopeful as my usual offering, Carol – more of a mood at the moment. Such a glorious spring – it belies the current state of human affairs. I hold to restoration, the inherent promise in nature.


  2. Welcome to Poetry Friday! I, too, have been struck by the stark contrast of the world falling apart with the corona-virus while nature keeps on doing her thing in all her glory. Maybe I’m even more tuned in than usual to it due to staying at home.

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    • I think you’re right – noticing more because there’s more time to notice. This is a hauntingly beautiful spring. Thanks so much for your thoughts. Haven’t written a lot of poetry in a long time, so, trying to get the rust off the wheels …


  3. I love that you managed to inject your sweeping into the poem with “as if only rebirth/sweeps the Earth”. The contradictions will continue all of April I think, so we must look for the beauty every day. Nice to see you here, Fran!

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  4. Nice to meet you, Fran–seems you came with a passel of new friends to Poetry Friday! It’s taken me allll week to get around to commenting on each post from last week (gearing up for PreK has been hard). Glad I came by, though–I like your sweeping image and repetition. Come back soon!

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