Prayer for the nations

Today, a golden shovel poem: taking a line from another poem or work and crafting a new poem with the last word of each line comprising the original.

Mine is taken from a verse of Scripture in honor of its promises, spring, and the healers across the world on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis.

Prayer for the Nations

In newness the

tender leaves

of promise, of

restoration, of the

dogwood tree

uniformly were

donning white robes for

their works of mercy, the

bringers of healing,

bringers of comfort, of

life, as ministers of the

prayer for the nations.


Revelation 22:2: “The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.”

In addition to its Christian symbolism, the dogwood represents strength and durability; it is able to endure adverse conditions.

Photo: Sunlight and dogwoods. Duane Tate. CC BY

8 thoughts on “Prayer for the nations

  1. Dogwood trees are one of my favorites. We don’t have many here because we are too far south. Love how you created a golden shovel. Trying new forms is fun! Or challenging. Or both.

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    • I haven’t been out where they are, along woods & yards, until yesterday. All in bloom, so glorious. Trying new forms: all of the above. But that’s what makes it fulfilling


  2. Fran, I am so glad that you tried the golden shovel with a beautiful line from a scripture verse. I first noticed these words, “tender leaves of promise, of restoration”. With Palm Sunday here, I surmise that the dogwood trees’ leaves hold a promise of new life.
    This afternoon, I walked the streets of our neighborhood and saw beautiful trees flowing with blossoms and leaves – all saluting spring and renewal of faith in life. Were they ministering to me? YES! Were they healing my heart? YES! From tree to tree, I looked to the sun understanding that life was still full of promise despite the raging virus’ presence. Your poem spoke to me in this way and the photo opened the doors for your words. You noticed and wrote. I do like the new thought you created from one line of Scripture. I am going to share this with my faith-filled friend here on Long Island.


    • Thank you for such a beautiful, heart-filled response, Carol. The verse of course is about the Tree of Life and its healing leaves but right now, with all that’s going on and the dogwoods arrayed in such glory, heralding an Easter on which we cannot gather – it IS healing to look at them, to think of what they symbolize in regard to the faith. I think of all the doctors, nurses, and medical personnel currently bringing healing “to the nations” as well. It’s all layered here for me. I hope your friend will enjoy. Know how deeply grateful I am for you and all of your insights, Carol – and for sharing the golden shovel form.


  3. This is beautiful – “bringers of healing, bringers of comfort” become bringers of hope. I hope to try a golden shovel this month as a found poem. It is on the list! This was a beautiful way to begin my Sunday evening of reading poems.


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