Blitz poem: Track the love

So far I’ve managed to write a poem a day for National Poetry Month, a feat I’ve never attempted before. All my life I’ve loved rhythm, rhyme, and free verse, but the great fun has been experimenting with form. This is my second completed blitz … how apropos is that name for the times …

Stay at home
Stay on track
Track the days
Track your steps
Steps in faith
Steps to a better you
You should know
You aren’t alone
Alone in all the world
Alone at last
Last night
Last time
Time stands still
Time on our hands
Hands sanitized
Hands not held
Held a puppy
Held in the heart
Heart grows fonder
Heart of the matter
Matter of fact
Matter constitutes the universe
Universe pay
s attention
Universe giving gifts
Gifts to guide you along the way
Gifts of words
Words are power
Words are magic
Magic portals
Magic moments
Moments too few
Moments too short
Short on time
Short of breath
Breath of fresh air
Breath on the mirror

Mirror image
Mirror glass
Glass half empty
Glass half full
Full of sound and fury
Full of hope
Hope against hope
Hope springs eternal
Eternal God
Eternal love
Love like there’s no tomorrow
Love your neighbor


In case you’re curious: Here’s my first blitz, Signs of Sun.

27 thoughts on “Blitz poem: Track the love

  1. Such rhythm, it begged to be read again! It seemed to me to start out simply and the power and meaning grew the more I read. Brilliant, yet fun! Love that you let the form lead you! Stay well, Fran and family!

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  2. Such an interesting, surprising, meaningful poetic journey you’ve created here, Fran. It’s difficult to select a favorite line, but I was struck by these: “Universe giving gifts Gifts to guide you along the way.” I find this a fascinating notion to ponder and consider… look for the gifts, right? What are the gifts we are receiving right now? Thank you for this thought-provoking poem!

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    • Thank you, Lanny. When I got to the word “universe” I first considered “Universe within.” But then I got to thinking about how “the universe comes to meet you” and so it expanded … as the universe does! I have often found – if I stop and pay attention – that I have already been given exactly what I need for the moment at hand. I note how that happens in fantasy stories quite a lot. Yes – what gifts ARE we receiving right now? That is a great thing to ponder. Seems to me there’s a mysterious balance in the universe: if the trial is great, there must also be gifts of the same great proportion in it, somewhere.

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  3. I read your other blitz poem, too, and Glenda’s, and the way the words come together fascinates me. Here you really capture the moment we are living in. The repetition makes it feel a little relentless and the changes give it a breathlessness that echoes my day-to-day experience. I had to read it twice & I suspect I’ll be back. This really works. Thanks for sharing it!


    • I love this form – I find it a hard but fun challenge, making me stretch. The way words come together fascinates me, too. I tend to overthink it and it works better if I make myself zoom out a little. Those ending words of second lines are critical. I am happy that you wanted to read it more than once! Thank you. 🙂


  4. When I read this, it was at a frantic pace, almost as if I was running through a blitz, this gentle barrage of words. I’ve never heard of a blitz poem before, but I like it! So many thoughts running in a stream. And the photo–I sense anticipation, as dogs are wont to exhibit when looking through the window in search of the source of a sound, or their amazing internal clocks reminding them of a returning family member. “Full of sound and fury” left me wanting to know more…

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    • I have only recently encountered the form, by reading Margaret Simon. I immediately knew I had to try it. The first attempt didn’t work at all. The second one, I finished – this is my third go at it. I think the name blitz comes from the rapid pace of reading and the barrage of words that you describe. Very stream of consciousness. It’s fun to see what rises to the surface. The dog, Henry, belongs to my son and I couldn’t think of a better image of “waiting” and “stay” and watchfulness with steadfast endurance – am so pleased that you picked up on its message. “Full of sound and fury” is borrowed directly from Macbeth’s “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow” speech about time “creeping at a petty pace” and life being “a walking shadow” … some of my favorite lines in all of Shakespeare, which I learned when I was young and can still recite by heart. That line just demanded to be there. So I let it.

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  5. Fran, these lines resonated with me while reading your blitz: Universe pays attention/Universe giving gifts. I wonder what the universe is saying to us now as it gives us gifts? Are the gifts filled with insight, a new breath of life, a slowed-down pace/ Where are we heading? Have we learned lessons along the way. Your blitz opens up a world of spinning thoughts for me. It also provides insight into your brain spinning to churn out the thoughts and images in rapid-fire. Nicely done, Fran.

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    • Thank you for your thoughts, Carol – I am thinking the universe, like any gift-giver, doesn’t usually tell us what the gift are, but rather waits for us to discern them and receive and use them. I believe the things you mention here are some. When I was in the writing mode I recalled this quote “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” – Paul Coelho in The Alchemist – and it’s what got me thinking about gifts and guidance and it all being what we need. In little and in great ways. I so appreciate your response.

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      • Waits for us to discern them-this line reminds me that I have spent years trying to gather the gift of discernment and make it my own. I still walk that journey. I have gathered wisdom along the way but discernment is such a beautiful spiritual gift of understanding.

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    • Thank you, Amy – I hope you will give the blitz a try. It does take many twists and turns and a couple of times you run into a wall, but it is a fun adventure, discovering things this way.


  6. You’re getting REALLY good at this.

    What I love about your poem is the almost liquid flow from line to line, and then you surprise us with lines sharp as glass: “Hands not held”…”Short on time/Short of breath”

    It’s both comforting and surprising all at the same time. Beautiful job!

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      • Oh you know you could! There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind. And there’s so much hidden humor about us – both in the normalcy of our lives/loves AND in the absurdity. We could take our pick!

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