Frozen acrostics

Once upon a time, a terrible enchantment swept across the land like a howling, raging wind. It forced people into their homes so lives could be spared. It kept children from being with their friends and grandparents so the evil sickness would not spread. Many heroes waged a mighty battle with a tiny germ at great cost to the whole kingdom. Meanwhile, the people waited … and waited … and waited … and longed, with all their hearts, to be together again. They missed each other fiercely but they knew the waiting was an act of true love, and that love, eventually, conquers all

I would love to hold you close
Sometime soon
Only when it’s safe again
Let this virus go, let it go
All will be well in
It is so long, so hard
On the heart, being apart

Soon the spell will be
Over and we
Can be
In the same bright kingdom together
Let this virus go, let it go
Don’t come back any more
It’s funny how
Some distance makes everything seem like
Time is frozen
Although, little queen of my heart, we are one day
Nearer to overthrowing this
Corona-nation separation to resume our happily
Ever after

Original photo with text: L. Haley. Edited with Cartoona Watercolor.

5 thoughts on “Frozen acrostics

  1. First of all, I love how you were able to sneak in those Frozen references. And the fact that you were able to do both that AND an acrostic, and your poem didn’t seem even one bit contrived?

    THAT is what takes incredible skill. Bravo!

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    • Oh but the song lent itself perfectly – I meant only to play with “Let the virus go, let it go” and time being frozen ,,, but the lyrics mention distance and, well – how could I not? Furthermore my little granddaughter, who just came into my life last year, watched Frozen for the first time with me on “her” wedding night when my son married her mom – ever since, she asks to watch it at least once when she comes to spend the night … I so look forward to that and our popcorn parties again … *snif*

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