Poetry Friday: The web

Photo: Morning Web by Jen Gray on “This Photo Wants to Be Poem,” Reflections on the Teche, Margaret Simon.

Teacher-poet-friend Margaret Simon posts a weekly image on her blog along with an invitation to write: “This Photo Wants to Be a Poem.”

Yesterday’s photo, shot by Margaret’s friend Jen, featured a dew-studded spiderweb framing the sun. A compelling call to compose … leading to my first attempt at a non-rhyming loop poem:

Sunrise feels like hope
Hope for a new day
Day of repairing damage done
Done to one another
Another day to try
Try starting afresh
Afresh with distilling dew
Dew droplets, sacred diamonds
Diamonds glittering in the light
Light illuminating the torn web

Web of our intricate interconnectedness.

May we all be found working on our corner of the web—and in the corners of our own hearts.

Thank you, Margaret and Jen, for inspiration to weave.

Check out other offerings at the Poetry Friday Roundup – thank you, Tricia, for hosting today.

13 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: The web

  1. Fran, the beauty of the photo is so inspiring as a prompt that I can see why you would want to write. Your poem is wonderful in its flow, beautiful word play, and use of imagery to convey meaning. Well-done. I especially liked your end line. It is fitting on Juneteenth when we are trying to connect as Americans.

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    • I am delighted that you enjoyed the loop poem, Bridget! There are rhyming versions also. I love the loose creative freedom of this form … hope you will give it a go. It is still new to me. I am especially happy to know you are drawn to the “Dew droplets. sacred diamonds” line as it was my last revision – in the first draft it appeared as “Dew droplets glittering like diamonds” and didn’t quite capture or fit with the overall metaphor. I so appreciate your thoughts.


  2. I don’t remember loop poems, but considering how a spider appears to weave its web, this is the perfect form to write from that fabulous photo. What a picture it is, and your poem is like a speech, repeating what all need to attend to, Fran. It’s a lovely call to pay attention to us all as “together”!

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    • I only recently came across loop poetry – I think one appeal is that it can be loosely structured (like mine) or in stanzas, with rhymes – lots of creative freedom. It did seem to be just the thing for the web – another connecting metaphor. Thank you so much for your thoughts, Linda.


  3. Fran, this is really beautiful. I just jotted “loop poem” in my notebook. The repetition is thoughtful and builds meaning. Thank you for such a metaphor for us to know that we have each other. I want to try writing like this.

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