Toothless wonder

She said it was wiggly.

But how? She just turned five.

She has a vivid imagination. Fanciful.

We checked.

It was wiggly.

Oh my, we said. Soon you will lose it and—

I know, I know, she sighed, in her world-weary sixteen-year-old-five-year-old way. You put it under your pillow and the tooth fairy brings you cash.


20 thoughts on “Toothless wonder

    • Many thanks, Lanny! Our granddaughter is full of amazing thoughts and words. She explained that “cash” (to our further great amusement) meant “one hundred dollars.” The reasonable Tooth Fairy left ONE dollar bill, leading to a discussion about why it wasn’t coins… so much pressure on the Tooth Fairy! Hope your nine-year-old is pleased with the Fairy’s offering. And – why oh why do they grow so fast??

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  1. A perfect little Slice to commemorate a perfect little, but milestone, moment. I could hear her voice in her reply; you are so good at capturing others in writing, Fran! (And if you need Tooth Fairy guidance…ours brought just as many quarters as their age. Almost went bankrupt when each had all four wisdom teeth removed as teens!)

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    • Thank you, Chris. Great advice about the quarters/age – hilarious, the wisdom teeth! The Tooth Fairy was looted! When we asked our granddaughter what she meant by “cash” (after cracking up at her word choice), she very seriously said, “Like one hundred dollars.” To which her mom replied, “Um, I think more like one dollar.” The Fairy left a dollar bill, which sparked a whole discussion of why it wasn’t coins…ongoing pricelessness.

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  2. A wee little story made me smile this morning, Fran. This is an inspired-wonder, awesome tale about your sweet Scout who has the tooth fairy procedures in order. Wiggle on! That word wiggle and the broad smile pairs beautifully with your one word and it looks like your one word has already guided you to find wonder this year.

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    • She is a constant source of awe and joy, Carol. I celebrate the light she brings every day. So glad our little story brought you a smile. We need more smiles – even ones missing a tooth!


  3. This post brought a smile to my face! I WELL identify with the “world-weary sixteen-year-old-five-year-old way.” We grown-ups know so much and understand so little.

    It also reminds me of one time, when a foreign coin was added to the customary cash for my older son’s Tooth Fairy prize. He stormed in, hand out, demanding, “What is THIS?” “Well…I guess the Tooth Fairy thought it might be interesting for you.” Completely disgusted, he wrote a note asking the Tooth Fairy for “REAL money” and put it back under his pillow that night.

    Grown-ups. We know so much and understand so little. Thanks for the reminder, Fran. =)

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  4. This Slice brought a smile to my face. I couldn’t help but hear her tone in a likeness to Ramona or Alice. A vivid imagination is a wonderful thing to have & I can’t help but relate to your granddaughter too.

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  5. I was smiling as I read, but when I got to “world weary” I actually laughed. I *know* that tone – I could hear her saying it. And “cash” – amazing. Love this little slice of life – and I bet she will, too, when she’s older. Your granddaughter truly is a blessing.

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