Mixed media by Scout, age 5

Suppose you’re a special sort of Scarecrow with a
Carved pumpkin head and a purple hat
Adorned with pink roses, holding out your arms to
Receive birds instead of repelling. Your reward for
Embracing these winged messengers might be
Canticles of cheer sung in your ear,
Refrains of comfort and even celebration as
October dies, again, reminding you, again, it’s only for a

4 thoughts on “Scarecrow

  1. Such a sweet poem by Franna and illustration by Scout! What a powerful pair! I love the adornment of the pink flowers and the welcoming of the birds singing in the ear. You have a unique gift.
    Micah and Scout are blessed little girls!

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  2. Hurrah for Scout’s drawing and your poem. I would love to share this in my Bedecked In Autumn Gallery. Would you like to send those as an image poem to me? Let me know. I plan on creating a mini-gallery for Slice of Life Tuesday in a few weeks.

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    • Would be honored for this to be in your gallery, Carol, in addition to the “wish come true” photo of Scout & Micah, with the blackjack poem. I will work on this Scarecrow image poem to send you – and thank you!

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