Christmas angel with style

Have you ever seen an angel
sporting sparkly wings
on a festive llama dress
with maroon Chuck Taylors
and assorted barrettes
seriously chomping
a mouthful of candy cane?

I have.

One came to my house
on Christmas Eve.

Perhaps you’ll see one, too,
if you only believe.

Merry Christmas

4 thoughts on “Christmas angel with style

    • Angels DO appear in all shapes and sizes and styles … we are told, essentially, that we should be mindful, right, because we might be entertaining then unaware… as for THIS little angel granddaughter, we like to say she’s definitely channeling her inner Junie B. Jones 🙂

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    • Christmas is so exciting with little ones, as you know! It has nothing to do with the gifts, really – but a deeper layer of holiness connected to children, babies especially. Our fashionista angel was one more thing to savor!


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