A game played long ago

This morning I woke to the sounds of wind gusts and snowflakes striking the window…brought back the memory of my oldest boy and a game we played long ago. A pantoum:

A game played long ago:
Little boy crawling into bed, whispering
“The North Wind will blow,
we will have snow!”

Little boy crawling into bed, whispering
“It’s so cold—I can’t get warm.
We will have snow!
Let me sleep here in your arms.”

“It’s so cold—I can’t get warm.
Until I am grown and gone,
let me sleep here in your arms”
—the memory of these moments!

Until I am dead and gone
the North Wind will blow
the memory of these moments,
a game played long ago.

4 thoughts on “A game played long ago

  1. Fran, I love your pantoum! Pantoums seem difficult to write. Your poem is a beautiful tribute. Your son looks so much like you. We only received an inch of snow from the storm: I wish we had gotten at least a foot. We only have 6″ of snow from the last storm and we usually have a lot more by now. At least there’s enough to go cross country skiing tomorrow.

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    • Pantoums can be pretty challenging. I’ve learned that if I get the first line right – which doubles as the last line – the rest will come. I keep playing with lines for flow. Here I changed one word to make the line “grown and gone” into “dead and gone” but ordinarily I don’t alter words. Punctuation can help. Everyone has always told me my son looks like me – and now his baby girl Micah (age 3 mos.) looks like both of us. Amazing! Also amazing that you ordinarily get so much snow. We got a little dusting this weekend and likely won’t have any more this winter – and I love snow, too. Thank you for your words and happy skiiing to you!


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