Shot of strength

On this final, frosty February morn, I wasn’t sure I had stamina enough to endure the day. For a short month, February can be so long. Teachers know.

I bundle up. I get in the car. I sigh. Could I manage to take half a day? Is it worth it? Probably not. A moment at a time, a moment at a time…

I drive. The empty fields seem sugarcoated with ice. I look for hawks. I am always looking for hawks. I don’t know why they lift my spirits so. They just do.

No hawks. No plump little goats in the goat pen by the stop sign, either. But something different in the glassy pond…

A great blue heron.

Symbol of self-determination, paragon of peace, harbinger of spring. Stoic, tall, unflinching. Stunning.

Just the shot of strength needed for the day.

Photo: Great Blue Heron at Sunset. Maxinux40k. CC BY-NC-SA

I stopped to take a picture of my beautiful heron but it’s not clear enough to post. I have to content myself with sharing this one instead; mine looked so like this.

2 thoughts on “Shot of strength

  1. Fran, birds lift my spirits, too especially herons and you’re right how they give strength. One time when I was walking along a creek at our local State Park, I did a double take at the water near the reeds and a foot bridge. It was a blue heron still, “unflinching”, standing partially hidden. I looked around to see if anyone noticed the heron. Everybody was walking and talking to someone. I quietly inched my way to the creek, leaving a good amount of space between the motionless heron and myself. I didn’t want to scare him. I was surprised that the heron was going to hunt for dinner with so many people around. I was thrilled to be so close and snapped photo after photo. When he picked up his long stick-like legs and purposely planted them in the water one by one, I thought it was time to leave him alone. I still can’t believe how long I studied the beautiful bird in a squatting position without falling or moving. I will never forget that experience. I love your words describing the water “sugar coated ice” and “glassy pond”. Thank you for sharing, for your inspiration, and bringing back a wonderful memory. 🙂

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