Haiku in Honor of My Six-Year-Old Granddaughter
Whose Favorite Color Is Green

Riding in the car
I muse aloud: Look how green
the fields are today.

From the carseat: Yes.
Greenest green I’ve ever seen.
—Children are poets.

Photo: The sunset of the green field. Bardia Photography. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


with thanks to Two Writing Teachers for the Slice of Life Story Challenge every day in the month of March. This is my sixth year participating.

31 thoughts on “Green

  1. Fran, this is precious. I love her response! I’m not surprised she’s a poet already having grandmother, who’s an excellent poet like you. Have a fun weekend with your grandchildren! 🙂

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  2. Fran, what a beautiful moment! You know I love a Haiku! This quick slice will stay with me – I’ll be saying color rhymes today because your legacy is beginning to radiate from your granddaughter – greenest green I’ve ever seen is your wit, your eye, your mini me coming through. She says a lot of powerful things from the back seat. I’m still thinking of the nurture scientist! Great slice!

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    • Clare, thank you for your words about the haiku and two voices. My little granddaughter is growing up so fast…and you should hear her read! I assessed her just to see what she could do…she blew me away ❤


  3. I’m with your granddaughter–green is my favorite color! I was just telling a friend yesterday how I admire the wonderful SOLSC writers who can say in a few lines what it would take me pages to communicate. This post is testament to your writing skills, Fran!

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  4. I wonder where she gets that way with words?! I’ll be looking for the greenest greens in the coming weeks. We’re not quite there yet. Those haiku are so natural in image and rhythm that I wouldn’t have known they were haiku without a prompt.

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    • Thank you for these lovely words. I heard a poet say that it often helps to find your own natural rhythms in syllables, something I hadn’t ever thought about before. It can be different for different people. Haiku appeals to me; those syllable beats force me to be concise. Sometimes, though, it’s too constraining…just depends on what is trying to make itself said. Slicer Kim Johnson writes fabulous and seemingly effortless haiku… I call her the Queen of Haiku.

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