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On Day 12 of National Poetry Month, Susie Morice invites teacher-poets to scan the news for crafting poems on VerseLove at Ethical ELA. Susie writes: “Use the news piece as a launch for a poem that conveys your concerns that this news arouses. Let us see the claws of your rage, feel the scratch of your worry, taste the saffron of your affection. Let it take you to wherever it takes you.  We want to hear your voices.”

This local news caught my heart two days ago. I find that I cannot add to it. The facts speak for themselves.

Fallen Officer

He died
in the line of duty

tracking an armed robber
who opened fire

the funeral home
got a call
asking if
they can
“do this sort of thing”

they say they can

surely a service 
with full honors

for our fallen hero

named Major

age 3
German Shepherd
K-9 Officer

God forgive
us all

Thanks K. for being such a great help and a friend. Whitewolf PhotographCC BY-NC-ND 2.0.
Major was a beautiful black German Shepherd

Thanks also to Two Writing Teachers for the weekly Slice of Life Story Challenge

14 thoughts on “News poem

  1. I have a high school friend who was a K-9 handler/ officer (I’m not sure what the human half of that partnership is called!), and he spoke reverently of his relationships with his partners. The canine officers are due the respect of a funeral with honors, to be sure. A sad but lovely twist with the “do this sort of thing” leading us there.

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    • I am thinking about the joy that service dogs being to their daily work … it is really an honor to have such creatures in our lives. “Reverence” is an excellent descriptor. The loss is made exponentially sadder, knowing all these things.

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  2. Fran,
    The short lines, the brevity of your poem, the quote “ “do this sort of thing”—these all echo how temporal life is. I think God gave us dogs to make us more human, to deepen our capacity for feeling. Your poem is a poignant, heartbreaking testimony to that idea. 😢

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  3. How horrible that his life was cut short by falling into the line of fire. I bet the officers he worked with would greatly appreciate this poem if you sent it their way. It serves as a reminder of how treasured and important K9 dogs are.

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