Easter exultation

In honor of the day, an excerpt of “Jesus Makes Sin Forgivable” by Anne Graham Lotz in Just Give Me Jesus (2000):

The Pharisees couldn’t stand Him
but found they couldn’t stop Him
Satan tried to tempt Him
but found he couldn’t trip Him
Pilate examined Him on trial
but found he couldn’t fault Him
The Romans crucified Him
but found they couldn’t take His life
Death couldn’t handle Him
and the grave couldn’t hold Him.


And a happy Easter haiku for you:

I have no more eggs.
As of this morning, new life.
Dawn exultation.

12 thoughts on “Easter exultation

  1. All glory to God on high, Fran! What a wonderful day to celebrate no matter where you are. Happy Easter. As a Christian I know what glory awaits and thank the dear Lord for all He has given us.

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    • Margaret, we also discovered this afternoon that bluebirds have built a nest in one of the “bird churches” on our back deck; I watched the parents carrying away bits of eggshell. I am awed. Happy Easter and many blessings to you and all yours.

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    • Joanne, I checked the nest on Friday and the eggs hadn’t yet hatched – this morning, these babies. I’ve seen it year after year (except in 2020 when the birds built a nest and laid no eggs, mysteriously vanishing just as the COVID lockdown occurred) and yet it always fills me with such awe and reverence. Scout and I only have matching sunflower pajamas, alas! I got her a white dress with pink flowers on it for Easter, though, and my son promptly ordered a white tie with pink flowers to match – he wore it to preach in today. ❤ Happy Easter to you also, friend!


    • I love those parallels penned by Lotz – they are perfect for the season; twice at church during Holy Week I read the whole poem from which this excerpt is taken. And yes! The eggs survived! I do not know which baby is from the forlorn Little Blue Egg, of course, but that it hatched after that long wait feels like a miracle to me. Then again, so much of nature feels that way to me. I may have more bird stories coming…


    • Thank you, Ramona. I haven’t been back to the nest since Easter – trying to give the finches their space – but will get one more shot soon. I have to do it before they fully fledge – I don’t want the babies to fly away before they’re ready.


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