Whip-poor-will aubade

He sings alone
just before light
Farewell, farewell
beloved night

Summer is nigh
yet again keep
echoing hope
—all do not sleep

Whip-poor-will in the woods behind my home about an hour before dawn. Such longing and long-ago in the sound, for me. When my oldest boy was three, our family moved from Virginia’s Eastern Shore to the North Carolina Piedmont. We lived in a parsonage beside a little church high on a hill. It was June. All that first summer, when dusk settled in and I put my boy to bed for the night, the whip-poor-wills began calling. Over and over and over. Usually just one. The sound carries; it echoes through the darkness from the woods across the ponds and pastures, from old and deep places, affixing itself to the listening soul. I rejoice in its returning.

Eastern Whip-poor-willtcmurray74. CC BY-NC 2.0

4 thoughts on “Whip-poor-will aubade

  1. Fran, the evening sounds of birdsong and bedtime combine here to create such a feeling of relaxation. They call here, too, and surely you won’t believe that I did the same thing about a week ago- I captured the call on audio when I was walking the dogs listening to all the different birds. I like that you posted the call here on your post. It really adds to your post to hear the sound!

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  2. Such a haunting call. It is clearly evocative for you. Such a powerful symbol of this time of year, I might imagine. Lovely verse, too. Particularly, “…keep / echoing hope / –all do not sleep”.

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    • It IS a haunting and poignant call for me. Lots of emotion folded together, really. means summer’s on the way, even though temperatures have remained unusually cool here. Thank you for these words!

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