Sand dollar etheree

Inspired by and dedicated to Margaret Simon, who shared the photo and who’s mourning the loss of her father.

Photo: Kim Douillard

it is enough
tangible beauty
even in mourning throes
to sense the infinite flows
of life undulating beyond
what the eye can see or hand can hold
where the spirit abides whole, unbroken

4 thoughts on “Sand dollar etheree

    • I had to include “enough,” Margaret, knowing it is your word. It holds such power in its quiet way. We all have to learn to embrace and trust “enough” – to let it speak and define itself. I know the brokenness of this loss; as a symbol, the sand dollar remains beautiful and reminds me to treasure memory and hold to the good, what what given on my behalf. I am thankful the waves are less overwhelming with each day – prayers remain.

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  1. Condolences to your friend Margaret.

    Your touching poem escapes sentimentality entirely by using a symbol of worldly fragmentation, of impermanence to take us to a realm that transcends loss, brokenness, and worldly perception. So powerful.

    Such a beautiful photograph, too.

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