2 thoughts on “Big brown rabbit

  1. Your poem is so cute about talking to a cottontail rabbit. I talked to one recently in our front yard when I came home late. I said, “I see you, cute cottontail. You better hop away and leave my flowers alone. LOL My oldest cat, Lovee who is now twenty years old used to catch baby cottontails. I tried to get them away from her before she killed them. Since she is too old to hunt them, our house and my neighbors’ houses are overrun with cottontails and chipmunks. I do enjoy watching the cottontails as long a there not eating my flowers. I have seen deer prints in my flower garden, too. Last spring they at my hostas, garden flocks, and some other flowers. Thank you for sharing.

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    • Alas – cats and small creatures do not make for a pretty story (well, same can be said of all creatures, really). The rabbit is a regular out near the grave of our old dachshund, Nikolaus, who passed at age 16. What would he think of this visitor? At any rate, I love seeing this big ol’ rabbit.


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