an acrostic

First glimmerings
In the gloaming
Rekindle ancient
Fairies freewriting with
Lazy punctuation
Inkglow illuminating individual
Evening essays containing
Secret spells, summoning summer

Firefly. Mr.k_Taiwan. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Firefly symbolism is also enchanting. In China, fireflies are associated with scholars studying at night.

2 thoughts on “Fireflies

  1. Fran, I love this acrostic about fireflies! How I used to love catching fireflies and putting them in a jar for a nightlight, then releasing the next day. I like your alliteration in your first two lines. I love these lines “Rekindle ancient
    Enchantments: /Fairies freewriting with” and I love these lines “Inkglow illuminating individual/Evening essays containing/Secret spells, summoning summer”. I enjoyed your reference to enchantments, fairies, and secret spells. I have always been fascinated with butterflies and thought they seemed magical. Thank you for sharing your poem, inspiration, and joy!

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    • Seeing the fireflies lifts my spirits, Gail – they really are so magical. They seems to beckon or signify some kind of promise. If only the cicadas would return… any day now!


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